For responding agencies requesting assistance call 866.470.6691 (24x7x365)

Get Involved

If you're interesting in getting involved with Adirondack Mountain Rescue we'd love to speak with you. Being part of a team that works together to help those in need of rescue is a very rewarding venture that you can be proud of. We're always looking for all positions that take place both in and out of the field. Active Field Members are a huge part of the process, but there is a huge support network that takes place out of the field that is necessary for us to achieve our goals together.

Anyone with experience in outdoor sports such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountaineering, or ice climbing should consider training with Adirondack Mountain Rescue to be an Active Field Member. These members will spend a lot of time in the wilderness for both training and on live searches and rescues.

If you have other skills such as accounting, cooking, radio communications, organization, fundraising, grant writing, or logistics there are a lot of roles in Adirondack Mountain Rescue that can utilize these skill sets. If you have a certain skill or talent that we haven't specifically outlined as a useful resource to us and you think it could help us out, please contact us and we'll see if it's feasible to implement it as part of the team.

We especially welcome members of law enforcement organizations who are willing to use their training in their off-duty time to do good in our communities.

If you feel that you can be a contributing member to our team please contact us at and we look forward to speaking with you.