For responding agencies requesting assistance call 866.470.6691 (24x7x365)


Adirondack Mountain Rescue is a non-profit organization formed with the purpose of providing a highly trained and equipped resource to aid law enforcement in their tasks of finding and rescuing missing persons.

Training is at the core of being prepared for the worst and bringing help to those who need it. Adirondack Mountain Rescue members participate in regular training exercises in wilderness search, orienteering, medical first aid/response, wilderness survival, communications, crime scene preservation, mountain rescue, and logistics. All of Adirondack Mountain Rescue's training sessions are open to members of other search and rescue teams and law enforcement. We are all working toward the same goal and we will do whatever we can to make all who share our cause as prepared as they can possibly be when they're deployed.

We are always looking for more members. There are many positions to be filled on a search and rescue team both in and out of the field. For active field members, there are training and fitness requirements to ensure member safety when deployed, however, there are many other positions that don't take place in the field. Our active field members need a strong support team at Incident Command and outside of deployments to help them do their job, and those members' jobs are just as important. If you're skilled in radio communications, accounting, organization, planning, cooking, or fundraising then we can use your help. If you think you can be a contributing member of our team then please reach out to us at or check out our Get Involved page for more information. It's a great way to serve your community to an extent that exceeds what many are able to do on their own. As a team, we make each other stronger, and reach our goals together.

Adirondack Mountain Rescue is a proud member of the New York Federation of Search and Rescue Teams (NYSFEDSAR). NYSFEDSAR is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit organization consisting of independent search and rescue teams that are available to any official agency to assist in searches for lost or missing persons in New York State or the Northeast. Learn more at