For responding agencies requesting assistance call 866.470.6691 (24x7x365)


Coordinated logistical operations are fundamental to the success of any organization. Adirondack Mountain Rescue's Logistics Unit provides an essential service by maintaining readiness, equipment and information infrastructure. The Logistics Team is comprised of both Service and Support professionals and volunteers that keep the team synchronized and prepared for whatever conditions may be experienced within the area of operations. 

If you're interesting in getting involved with Adirondack Mountain Rescue Logistics Unit, we'd love to speak with you. Being part of a team that works together to help those in need of rescue is a very rewarding venture that you can be proud of. We're always looking skilled volunteers to strengthen our support network and help our Active Field Members be as informed, coordinated, and equipped as possible in order to be not only successful, but safe, while on a search operation. 

If you have experience in any of the following areas and would like to get involved with search and rescue, please contact Adirondack Mountain Rescue today. 

Food Preparation and Delivery 
Supply and Equipment 
Ground Support